Most business professionals have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, but there’s always that one person in the office who blows their coworkers away with their spreadsheet magic. Whatever the need, they can do it—like performing calculations on data, creating dynamic charts and graphs, or debugging spreadsheets for optimal performance. Wouldn’t you like to be that person? 

Besides being one of the most widely used software applications in business, Excel can vastly simplify and speed up existing business tasks. It’s useful for organizing data, analyzing and presenting data for communication and decision-making, and solving complex business problems. It’s a skill worth honing in any field of business—marketing, management, sales, operations, HR, and more.

How to Advance Your Students’ Excel Skills

We are proud to present our newest resource that can help with just that: Advanced Excel for Business. Written for learners who already have a basic grasp of Excel, this resource provides an expanded skillset for those looking to improve their efficiency and productivity in their career. Most users only take advantage of about 10 percent of the functionality in Excel, and this resource helps students and business professionals begin to harness the other 90 percent with an in-depth look at tools to create powerful, complex spreadsheets.

Advanced Excel for Business boasts an impressive table of contents and provides training in a range of Excel skills:

• Lesson 1: Names
• Lesson 2: Debugging
• Lesson 3: Dates and Times
• Lesson 4: Charts
• Lesson 5: Conditional Formatting and Data Validation
• Lesson 6: External Data Acquisition
• Lesson 7: Data Tables and Lists
• Lesson 8: Arrays
• Lesson 9: Circular References, Goal Seek, and Solver
• Lesson 10: PivotTables
• Lesson 11: Financial Formulas: Part 1
• Lesson 12: Financial Formulas: Part 2

• Lesson 13: Counting and Summing
• Lesson 14: Lookups
• Lesson 15: Text
• Lesson 16: Megaformulas
• Lesson 17: Importing and Cleaning Data
• Lesson 18: VBA: Basics
• Lesson 19: VBA: Control Flow
• Lesson 20: VBA: Debugging, Errors, and Help
• Lesson 21: VBA: Creating Functions Practice
• Lesson 22: Miscellaneous Calculations
• Lesson 23: Monte Carlo Simulations

Each lesson contains text instruction and examples, video walkthroughs, datasets for practice, and assessments directly in the live Excel environment. After all, the best way to learn Excel is to use Excel! As a plus for instructors, each assignment is automatically graded using a powerful grading engine that provides students with immediate, detailed feedback.

Using MyEducator Excel Resources

Advanced Excel for Business is unique in its targeted approach to improving Excel skills in a business environment. Students report that this resource has helped them gain an edge over the competition in the job market, impress employers in their current job or internship, and open the door for greater opportunities in the future.

Additionally, MyEducator offers several comprehensive Excel resources for any level of expertise, available for both university courses and personal or professional practice. We have solutions for all who are interested in improving their efficiency in Excel.

Whatever their needs are, help your students advance their Excel skills today!