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Supplement your data science course with dynamic multimedia training from some of the best in the discipline, all in a fully online setting. No longer is data science solely for math, statistics, or computer science majors. Our practical approach utilizes high-quality multimedia content and top-notch application software with auto-graded assessments, valuable data sets, and robust instructor materials for a turnkey solution. Click any resource to preview text and request full access!

Introduction to Python Data Analytics
Data Analytics and Machine Learning
Data Mining for the Masses
Data-Mining Projects and Database Essentials
Business Statistics
Structural Equation Modeling
Interactive textbooks
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Our Authors

Dr. Mark Keith
Mark is currently an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Brigham Young University. He eearned his PhD in Business Administration from Arizona State University in 2009 before coming to BYU, and has held positions at the University of Alabama as well as West Texas A&M University.
Dr. James Gaskin
Dr. Gaskin is currently an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Brigham Young University. He has been published in twenty papers since 2008, including the International Journal of Human Computer Studies. He currently lives with his wife and four daughters in Utah and spends his free time developing his own video games and YouTube content.
Dr. Matt North
Dr. Matt North has been teaching in the Information Systems and Technology department at UVU since 2015, after having taught for more than a decade at colleges in Pennsylvania, Argentina and Idaho. His teaching expertise is in database design, development and administration, data analytics, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Dr. Matt North describes his experience creating a new kind of interactive smart textbook for Data Mining for the Masses, including his unique philosophy about making his materials more accessible through MyEducator.

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