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Konrad Lee

This resource introduces students to the dynamic nature of the legal environment that governs relationships between businesses, government, and consumers. Students will understand the fundamentals of law and how it is applied to business situations, acquire tools to solve problems and critically examine legal issues, and demonstrate the importance of following ethical and legal practices in today’s modern business world.

Stephen Byars, Kurt Stanberry

This resource is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of a single-semester business ethics course. Students first gain a foundation in ethical frameworks and learn to define and prioritize stakeholders. They will then be equipped for ethical decision-making in the context of business organizations and the employment relationship. Case studies, application scenarios, and links to video interviews with executives help instill in students a sense of ethical awareness and responsibility.

Konrad Lee

Nearly all the interactions between an organization and its employees are governed by employment law. This resource will provide the skills for students to explain the U.S. legal environment governing the employment relationship, recommend strategies to prevent discrimination and limit employer risk, manage compliance with workplace regulations, and explain statutory, administrative, and judicial decisions affecting labor relations.

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