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Tech skills are in high demand in the workforce—proficiency in computer programming, analytics, data visualization software, and web development tools can be a serious résumé booster. MyEducator’s technology application modules can be used as part of a traditional semester-long course, as a separate skills-based course, or as a standalone module for business professionals who want to level up their abilities. Our solutions are easy to implement, come with robust grading engines that provide detailed feedback, and integrate seamlessly with different technology applications—let us be your source for technology-driven courseware!

Mark Keith, James Gaskin, Douglas Dean

This module walks you through the basics of spreadsheet automation through the Visual Basic for Applications programming language that underlies most Microsoft Office applications. The content starts from an assumption of zero programming experience and takes you all the way through recording basic macros and then writing dynamic and complex macros from scratch. What you learn in this module has the potential to save you and your company hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars by automating repetitive tasks.

Mark Keith, James Gaskin

Tableau is a popular and powerful tool for data exploration, analytics, and visualization. This content starts from an assumption of zero experience and then takes you through most of the basic functions and features. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to create interactive, dynamic dashboards and embed them into websites.

Mark Keith, James Gaskin

Web development is fundamental to every industry. Knowing how a website works will help you speak more intelligently with your tech team, as well as give you the skills to understand how your website and web apps work. In this module, we assume you have zero web development experience and we take you through the basics of HTML and CSS. We will wrap up with how to implement and customize professional templates and how to make your website live online.

Mark Keith

This module will guide students with no prior background in coding through the basic building blocks of programming in the Python language using the Jupyter Notebook format. This format is ideal for students who need to learn Python for business programming tasks in data science, statistics, healthcare research, finance, accounting, marketing, supply chain, human resources, operations and others.

Mark Keith

This module will introduce students to the first step in the data mining process after data is acquired—exploratory data analysis. This includes univariate statistics (e.g., mean, median, mode, quartiles, skewness, kurtosis) and visualizations (histograms and box plots) as well as bivariate statistics (correlation, t-tests, one-way ANOVAs, chi-squared) and visualizations (scatterplots, barplots, heatmaps, and crosstabs). This module is ideal to prepare students for data cleaning and predictive modeling.

Mark Keith

This module will help students understand the primary data cleaning steps necessary to prepare for predictive modeling. This includes outlier detection and management, handling missing data of all types (random, completely at random, and not at random), and making mathematical transformations. In addition, several basic and common modifications of Pandas DataFrames are covered, including iterating over records, recoding values, and converting dates to integers.

Mark Keith

This module will teach students how to collect data from the web using Python. This includes both web scraping using the BeautifulSoup package and making requests from web services using the Requests package. In addition, students get a detailed dive into the Twitter API and learn to automate the collection of social media text, images, and videos.

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