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Your students are coming to you for modern education and experience in marketing, sales, and advertising. Teach more than history or theory—show your students what works, what’s current, and what’s new, as well as the knowledge, tools, and techniques to stay on trend! With MyEducator, you can feel confident you are giving your students exactly what they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Tom Robinson

Advertisers today must understand their consumers’ buying behaviors and media use better than ever before and modify their creative strategies to stay relevant. In this resource, students will learn how to gather insights, develop an effective advertising strategy, and create exciting, memorable ads that move people to make a purchase.

Michael Swenson, David Whitlark, Gary Rhoads

Marketing plays a critical role in a firm’s survival and growth by enabling the firm to create and deliver value to its customers. In this resource, students will learn the fundamentals of marketing strategy, marketing research and analytics, and product and brand management in the context of traditional marketing as well as social media marketing and marketing for start-up companies.

Eric Schulz

Artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and digital marketing tools help marketers reach consumers more effectively than ever before. There’s a lot to understand in this new, high-tech environment, and this book is designed to help students make sense of digital marketing innovation to create a blueprint for developing and executing successful marketing plans in this digital-first world.

Gary Rhoads, Michael Swenson, David Whitlark

Startups must fight their way into the marketplace without a familiar brand name, big money for flashy advertising campaigns, or large-scale product development programs. This resource will help new businesses and small business owners battle long odds to achieve marketing success. Students learn the essentials from field-tested entrepreneurs who present a simple, actionable framework that markedly improves results.

Sterling Bone, Scott Baird

Selling is essential to the human experience, though it is perhaps the most misunderstood activity in the business world. This resource strives to restore order to the honorable profession and skill of selling by introducing students to the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. Based on decades of rigorous research and practice, this system combines the art and science of selling and human performance achievement to reveal the secrets of the top 1% of sales professionals.

Sterling Bone, Scott Baird

Selling fuels our economy, and sales leadership matters because it is a primary driver of economic success. The quality of leadership has a significant impact on the success of any given sales team. This resource applies the principles of leadership to a selling environment and provides a framework for practical application using the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. It is not enough to discuss the principles of leadership—this textbook will empower leaders to act.

Paxton Gray

Improving search engine optimization is a powerful way to increase website traffic and conversions, improve the customer experience, and gain a competitive edge. This course provides an overview of tools and concepts used in search engine optimization, including website architecture design, search engine visibility, web analytics tools, keyword search performance, and mobile optimization.

Scott Rackham

Social media marketing is now an essential aspect of digital marketing, helping businesses reach the right consumers, at the right time, with the right message. The resource provides an opportunity for students to examine social networks, social media, and online advertising techniques and learn critical skills for engaging with audiences on social media.

Carly Simon, Courtnei Jones

Consumer behavior is the study of why and how consumers buy the products and services they consume. In this resource, students will analyze internal and external influences on consumer behavior, decision-making processes, and customer loyalty.

Scott Rackham, Paxton Gray

This resource provides an overview of web analytics and diagnostic tools used to collect and analyze marketing data. Students will examine methods used to improve market penetration, brand recognition, customer loyalty, and overall marketing performance.

Robert Kim

Negotiation is a fundamental way of advocating for your interests and managing conflict in organizations. This resource presents a comprehensive view of negotiation as a form of conflict management and provides strategies, techniques, skills, disciplines, and frameworks for negotiating successfully.

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Request free instructor access to any resource. Simply let us know who you are, what school you teach at, which resources you would like access to, and we'll do the rest!