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Aspen Stander Moore

I was drawn to editing to help authors bring out the best in their writing, and I’m now MyEducator’s content team lead. I have a passion for learning and supporting others in their quest to learn—which is what makes working at MyEducator so rewarding!

Alayna Een

As an editor, researcher, writing tutor, and published poet, I’ve always loved words and academia. I found MyEducator shortly after I graduated from college, and it was a great fit. We’re doing our best to keep textbooks interesting, updated, and affordable. What could be better than that?

Kjanela Fawcett

I’ve loved the written language for as long as I can remember. That love led me first to editing and from there to MyEducator. There’s something uniquely amazing about learning something new nearly every day; that’s what happens when you spend your time editing textbooks!

Holly Adams

My name is Holly Adams and I studied editing at BYU. I am always ready to tell anyone about the different types of dashes and where a comma should be placed, but I still have to double-check that I spelled “receipt” correctly. I love working with MyEducator!

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