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And manage change! Now more than ever, students need to have the knowledge and skills to lead ethically and with integrity in today’s competitive global environment. Our resources supplement your teaching by providing excellent multimedia content, auto-graded application assignments, case studies, robust instructor material, and more, all on our easy-to-use intuitive platform. Together, we can improve the way management is taught and performed globally.

Bradley Winn, Bret Crane, Scott Hammond

In this resource, students prepare for success as leaders by learning fundamental skills that may be applied in various leadership situations. Students will become more self-aware of their personal leadership characteristics, learn how to build trust by living with integrity, clarify their purpose as a leader, engage in continual learning, understand how to regulate emotions, communicate effectively, successfully lead a team, work interdependently, act ethically, exert a positive influence over others, and become more culturally aware in business.

Dan Cockerell

This resource will provide students with thought-provoking insights and a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader in an organization. These insights are context-neutral and can be leveraged in any organization and for any team, big or small, regardless of the industry. Learning from a leader’s best practices will enable students to accelerate their personal development. It will empower them to become the best they can be and help them achieve success in their life—and dare we say, bring some pixie dust to their career.

Daniel Holland, Chad Albrecht

Once students learn basic principles of business management, they must be able to apply them in different situations and organizations to understand how business leadership works in practice. This resource introduces students to the field of management by integrating theory with real-world examples. This allows students to better understand what it means to strategically plan, organize, lead, and control the organization to create value. Furthermore, it will guide ethical decision-making in today’s global and fast-paced environment.

James Brau, Stan Fawcett

This resource provides a dynamic learning experience for students exploring today’s global and digital business environment. Students are provided with a thorough overview of business fundamentals and their application. This resource is ideal for students who want to decide if a career in business makes sense for them and which area of business would provide them with the opportunity they seek. Experiential learning opportunities get students doing—not just learning about—modern business.

Grant Stousland

This project management resource is designed to reach across the professional and personal aisle to give students lifelong fundamental project management awareness and skills. The approach aligns with the methodology and processes recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the global industry standard, and includes opportunities for application. The goal of this resource is to prepare students to be functional and contributing members of any project team within any organization.

Chad Albrecht, Daniel Holland, Steven Scott, David Herrmann

This resource provides students with the fundamentals and unique considerations for effective business strategy. Strategic management utilizes the organization’s systems in accounting, operations, information, human capital, marketing, and other areas to accomplish the organization’s goals. By focusing on competitive strategy, students learn what actions an organization can specifically choose to do internally and within the marketplace to compete with and outperform other organizations.

Steve Albrecht

This resource teaches your students the fundamentals of corporate business leadership, including how corporate boards are led, the director’s role, the rights of shareholders, and the challenges in balancing the needs of shareholders, managers, and other stakeholders on the board. Students learn how to make corporate board decisions regarding corporate governance, legal issues, financial management, and strategy.

Chad Albrecht, Simon Dolan

This resource introduces basic theories and elements of organizational behavior with a focus on the nature of the organization. A number of real-world examples with an international perspective are provided as case studies. After a general review of the historical and theoretical foundations of organizational behavior, students will learn to apply the primary research-backed procedures used by practitioners within the field.

Gary Rhoads, David Whitlark

This resource provides the framework to help students handle management situations that provoke a strong and negative emotional response. Students will learn specific skills, tactics, and attitudes to manage critical situations at work and home. The tactics are framed in a way that makes them memorable, entertaining, and useful. The ultimate skill is the art of tact: making a point without making an enemy by learning to Stop-Think-Lead.

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