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Prepare your incoming graduate students with our best-in-class self‑paced bootcamp courses. Our dynamic prep courses provide your students with preparatory knowledge and lifetime access so they can learn or refresh and then retain knowledge and skills. These resources can be branded for your program and managed by your team.

Nick Ball, Gove Allen

Teach Excel and assess your students in the live Microsoft environment with robust, detailed grading utilizing our MyEducator add-in. This resource has 100% coverage of content in both written and video format. Database and SQL content provide an opportunity for an application-focused learning experience.

Kay Stice, Jim Stice

This resource is a broad introduction to principles of financial and managerial accounting. By working through the material in this book, students will learn the essential accounting principles that will help them become successful in business school and in the business world.

James C. Brau, Andrew L. Holmes, Benjamin M. Blau

Finance is pervasive in the modern world. This resource provides a basic framework for students to evaluate economic problems and solutions in organizations. By combining financial analysis with a broad understanding of the decision-making environment, the finance acumen students develop in this course will be a vital part of their skill set.

Ronald M. Miller, Boyd H. Timothy, Megan Costantino, Bonnie C. Allred Dalley, Andre Luis Rossi de Oliveira

This resource introduces students to basic statistical methods that will lead them to success in business school and beyond. Students will use descriptive and inferential statistics to describe current data, make estimates about larger groups, and inform smart business decisions.

T. Scott Findley, L. Dwight Israelsen

This resource surveys macroeconomic concepts including inflation, unemployment, gross domestic product, interest rate determination, growth, and income fluctuations. Students are introduced to key economic institutions and policies that regulate inflation, unemployment, and growth. Developing economic literacy will prepare students for the business world as they acquire an awareness of threats and opportunities in the economy today.

Michael J. Swenson, David B. Whitlark, Gary K. Rhoads

Marketing plays a critical role in a firm’s survival and growth by enabling the firm to create and deliver value to its customers. In this resource, students will learn the fundamentals of marketing strategy, marketing research and analytics, and product and brand management in the context of traditional marketing as well as social media marketing and marketing for start-up companies.

Mirial Burton

Excellent persuasive and informational writers know that the purpose of all writing is to change the perspective of the reader. In this course, students will learn to examine who their readers are to inform how they approach the topic, what arguments will be most effective, and what evidence will best persuade the reader.

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