At MyEducator, we take your privacy and security seriously. That’s why we’ve partnered with Instructure, the company behind Canvas LMS, to verify that we use industry-standard security practices to keep user information secure.

Our Partnership with Instructure

As an integration partner with Instructure, MyEducator builds and maintains a technical connection between MyEducator resources and Canvas. We use LTI integration to allow instructors and students to access content and assessments directly in Canvas, and grades are automatically synced from MyEducator to the Canvas gradebook. Single sign-on technology makes using MyEducator simple and seamless.

And not only do MyEducator resources include seamless integration with Canvas, but universities, students, and instructors can be confident that their information and data are kept safe.

The Security and Privacy Partner Credential

MyEducator is proud to have achieved the Security and Privacy Partner credential from Instructure as a member of the Edtech Collective.

The EdTech Collective is an online community created to drive collaboration between educational technology companies. A central, searchable directory of 500+ partner organizations all over the world makes it easy to connect and collaborate on edtech solutions. From publishers like MyEducator to large tech companies like Zoom and Google to classroom tools like Nearpod, the EdTech Collective brings together the brilliant minds and innovative solutions of companies across the globe who are committed to innovative educational technology.

The Collective Credential program provides Canvas partners with credentials that certify their ability to serve clients through this partnership effectively. Credentials quickly provide important information about Canvas partners and distinguish them from other edtech providers. 

To receive the Security and Privacy Partner credential, partners must receive a passing score after a review of privacy and security documentation by OneTrust, a market leader in privacy and security. Earning this credential certifies that MyEducator is committed to protecting user data, including grades, payment information, and contact information. We follow industry best practices to make sure that your information is not inappropriately lost, accessed, or shared.

This credential also certifies that MyEducator performs regular third-party security audits on our applications to make sure we continue to stay safe and secure.

Keeping User Data Secure

As the nature of education continues to adapt with new, innovative technology, it is increasingly important to maintain the integrity of user data online. With the Security and Privacy Partner credential, you can rest assured that your data will stay secure with MyEducator!


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