A brand new resource is joining the catalog: Lean Six Sigma: Enhancing Competitiveness and Customer Value. This resource is written by a world-class authorship team, with Ednilson Bernardes as author lead and joined by Stanley E. Fawcett, Stephenie Eckerd, Henry Jin, and Stephen Rutner. Lean Six Sigma: Enhancing Competitiveness and Customer Value is a high-quality resource that will benefit students and instructors alike.

In the wake of the pandemic, Lean Six Sigma has been the conversation point as companies all over the world ask the question: Is Lean Six Sigma the answer to the supply chain dilemma?

The answer: Companies need efficient and effective processes—which is the heart of what Lean Six Sigma is. If anything, Lean Six Sigma has become more important than ever before as companies determine how to make robust and catastrophe-proofed supply chains. There’s no more valuable time for students to learn about all sides of Lean Six Sigma; this resource shows students how to implement Lean Six Sigma for today’s world, setting them up for success.

This resource is split into three main topics: Operational Excellence, the Lean Six Sigma Toolkit, and Implementation. Not only does this resource cover the practical sides of Lean Six Sigma, but it discusses how to lead effective change and emphasizes continuous improvement, teaching students how to adapt as the world changes. 

Lean Six Sigma: Enhancing Competitiveness and Customer Value approaches Lean Six Sigma as a journey for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and future leaders fully committed to improving, innovating, and ascertaining the continued success of their organizations. 

The authors approach this powerful managerial body of knowledge from a practical, rather than merely a theoretical perspective. As a result, this resource covers the entire scope of a new way of thinking needed for ready application in organizational settings, from human dynamics, principles, methods, tools, processes, and best practices all covered in 16 topics:

Competing on Operational Excellence

Lean as Competitive Advantage

Quality as Competitive Advantage

Innovation as Competitive Advantage

Lean Process Design: The Basic Lean Tools

Value Stream Mapping






Cultivating a Continuous Improvement Culture

Leading Change: The Essence of Lean Six Sigma

Building Momentum for Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Across the Supply Chain

The Future of Lean Six Sigma

With high-class content, instructor materials, and all the standard tools that you find within a MyEducator resource, this resource is a can’t-miss for instructors. Check out Lean Six Sigma: Enhancing Competitiveness and Customer Value.