Women’s History Month

International Women’s Day (IWD) was first celebrated 111 years ago in 1911. At that inaugural celebration, women and men united to campaign for women’s rights to vote, work, receive training, and hold public office as well as to end gender discrimination (see the IWD website for more details). In 1987, the US Congress passed a joint resolution to designate March as Women’s History Month in the US, and each subsequent president has issued yearly proclamations formally commemorating Women’s History Month. These proclamations highlight the strength and fortitude of women in fighting against the challenges that gender biases and unjust systems force upon them. In the century since the first IWD and the decades since Women’s History Month was first recognized, the world has made some remarkable progress toward gender equity—but the work for equality continues today. 

Equality in access to education and in opportunity in the workplace is especially important in the modern era. These key issues are also at the center of MyEducator’s mission to educate the world with high-quality learning materials that are simple to use and affordable, while providing excellent service for instructors, students, and authors. MyEducator has already done so much to revolutionize and disrupt the traditional textbook industry and bring the focus to the needs of instructors and individual learners. But we want to do more!

Today, we’re thrilled to share our first post on the new MyEducator blog! This blog will be a place for instructors to learn about MyEducator’s new features and resources and find tips for teaching in online and hybrid settings. This blog will also track general trends in higher education, feature insights from our renowned authors and industry leaders, and highlight the successes of our adopters, authors, and learners.

MyEducator’s all-female content team will manage this valuable new resource and work to create and present content that is relevant and empowering to instructors and learners everywhere. And we can’t wait to get started!

Meet the Editors of MyEducator

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re excited to introduce you to the creators and managers of the new MyEducator blog!

Aspen Stander Moore

As a lifelong lover of the English language, I was drawn to editing as a way of helping authors bring out the best in their writing. I’ve been an editor for everything from university and high school-level online courses to magazines and memoirs, and I’m now MyEducator’s content team lead. I have a passion for learning and for supporting others in their quest to learn—which is what makes working at MyEducator so rewarding! 

Outside work, I enjoy reading, exploring new cities, finding (or attempting to make) the best gluten-free desserts in town, and hiking around my home state of Utah. Dark chocolate is my love language. 

Alayna Een

As an editor, researcher, former writing tutor, and published poet, I’ve always loved words and academia. In college, I was drawn to the idea of using my talent with words to help others express their ideas clearly and let them be heard. I found MyEducator through a mutual friend shortly after I graduated from BYU, and it was a great fit. We’re doing our best to keep textbooks interesting, updated, and affordable. What could be better than that?

I stay surprisingly busy outside of work, but if I’m not writing theatre reviews, cosplaying, or recording songs with my sibling band (THREEN), you can usually find me staring at leaves, chasing sunsets, and making rather terrible puns.

Kjanela Fawcett

Having fallen in love with the written language at about the same time I learned to read—a.k.a., young—it was quite possibly inevitable that I ended up centering my entire life around it by becoming both a writer and an editor. In university, I studied both public relations and editing. It was editing that won the fight for my attention. That love for editing led me here to MyEducator back in 2017, and I’ve been enjoying myself here ever since. There’s something uniquely amazing about being able to learn something new nearly every day, but that’s what happens when you spend your time editing textbooks!

When I’m not editing textbooks, you can find me doing the exact opposite: writing epic fantasy … and poetry, and flash fiction, and short stories, and novellas. Well, you get the idea. You’ll find me writing.

Holly Adams

My name is Holly Adams, and I am an editor and a caretaker of my family and a lovely little sourdough starter. I studied editing at BYU and got my first dip into the editing life by editing master’s theses and then editing BYU Online and Independent Study courses. After graduation, I took a brief diversion into copywriting, but I soon discovered that I did not enjoy it at all. Shortly after quitting that job, I ran into a friend and coworker from BYU, and she mentioned that she was the content team lead at an online textbook publishing company that was looking for more editors. That is how I came to work for MyEducator, and I am so glad to have found a place where I can learn new things every day!