It’s one thing to know that MyEducator is there to support you, and it’s another to know how! Our support team (who we’d love to tell you more about in a later article) works tirelessly to help students and instructors alike with as little work on the students’ and instructors’ side as possible.

All a student or instructor needs to do is send an email! One quick email to to get the ball rolling, and our support team immediately gets to work. But what does that look like on the back-end?

MyEducator uses a third-party system called Freshdesk to answer students’ and instructors’ concerns quickly (aiming for a turn-around time of fewer than thirty minutes during the support team’s operating hours) and thoroughly. Freshdesk is a high-quality customer service support system that allows for the MyEducator support team to keep support tickets organized so that questions don’t get lost in the e-mail inbox or fall prey to the “I’m sure someone else did it” phenomenon. Once the email is sent, it creates a ticket in Freshdesk for the support team to see. Tickets go through a simple process of open, pending, and closed, ensuring that nothing is missed or done twice.

Freshdesk helps organize tickets based on the substance of the issue, everything from a student being locked out of their account to helping instructors integrate into a new course. For common issues, Freshdesk hosts the support team version of a FAQ with all of the information a student or instructor might need right alongside the support team’s ability to personalize that information for individual circumstance in order to send on the right information to either student or instructor. For more complicated issues, the support team is there with the necessary human touch to get things done.

The support team are not the only ones who use Freshdesk, on the occasion that a concern goes beyond the support team’s purview, the support team can forward on the ticket to the department that would better be able to respond to the concern (such as the dev or content teams), ensuring that the support team always has the needed expertise right on hand.

Whatever the concern, MyEducator’s support team is there to help: quickly, thoroughly, and expertly. 

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