As with any business, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of MyEducator than our authors and instructors realize. To help you get to know us a little better, we’re highlighting one of our main teams: the Inside Sales Team.

What does the Inside Sales Team look like?

The Inside Sales Team is a tight-knit crew of people from various walks of life and with diverse life experiences. 

What is the Inside Sales Team’s role in MyEducator?

The role of the Inside Sales Team is to manage current accounts and provide world-class service. We also generate new clients and leads, conduct market research, and attend various conferences to develop our relationships with different organizations and clients. In addition, we help with marketing at MyEducator. 

What are some tasks the IST completes on a daily basis?

Every day we have people who are focused on generating and contacting new leads. We have people focused on scheduling appointments with potential clients to set up screenshares and preview materials with them. Other team members provide customer service support to our clients and their students. And our marketing branch creates content for our social media platforms.

How does the Inside Sales Team fit within the MyEducator community? 

Other teams at MyEducator focus on things like creating the resources or developing our online platform. The Inside Sales Team strives to get MyEducator resources into the hands of as many people as possible. We know that if they have the opportunity to see our content and the tools and resources we offer they will see that MyEducator can be a solution for them and their students.

What is your favorite thing about the IST team?

One team member said, “My favorite thing about the Inside Sales Team is the difference we make in the work professors and students are doing. I also have the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the greatest and most talented individuals.” Another added, “We don’t only support each other in our work goals—we also care about each other’s personal lives.”

Do you have a team motto or specific team goals?

Our team motto changes from time to time. Currently, it is this quote from John Wooden, “Never mistake activity for achievement.”

What is one of your favorite experiences working at MyEducator?

We have had positive experiences from working at MyEducator! Some highlights include getting feedback from professors about how our resources have helped them and their students, having fun in the office, and making gingerbread houses. 

We’re grateful for everything the Inside Sales Team brings to our company from the inside out!