Meet Dr. Matt North, professor in the Information Systems and Technology Department at Utah Valley University. In 2022, Dr. North was presented with the Computer Educator of the Year Award from the International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS). This award is highly competitive, going to educators in the industry who excel in research and teaching. According to IACIS, “recent recipients have included curriculum innovators, leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and IS management, and publishers of learning materials that have significantly impacted the IS educational community.”

Dr. North: Example of Excellence in Information Systems

Dr. North has shown exceptional skill in these areas: he has not only directed several university programs (a South American study abroad program, a Fulbright appointment at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Argentina, a student research trip to Costa Rica) and won several other teaching awards (the Ben Bauman Award for Excellence, the Gamma Sigma Alpha Outstanding Professor Award, the UVU Service Excellence Award, the UVU Achievement of the Year Award, Professor of the Year), but he has also authored many journal articles, professional presentations, book chapters, and—most significantly for MyEducator users—a textbook, Data Mining for the Masses.

Dr. Matt North, author of Data Mining for the Masses.

Data Mining for the Masses: An Excellent Resource from an Excellent Teacher

The great thing about Data Mining for the Masses is that, while the subject matter is typically associated with complicated computer science skills, you don’t have to be an IS expert to learn from Data Mining for the Masses. It introduces data mining concepts and practices in such a way that anyone can gain the skills it teaches, even without a background in statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data management.

In addition to discussing data mining concepts and techniques, the resource also teaches how to use industry-specific tools to perform certain kinds of data mining and manipulation. These software tools, R and RapidMiner, are some of the best tools available for data analysis. And while Data Mining for the Masses isn’t a full tutorial for R and RapidMiner, it does give users actionable skills to start with.

The people at RapidMiner must also think that Data Mining for the Masses is an excellent resource, because in 2018 RapidMiner invited Dr. North to come speak on a panel at the RapidMiner user conference. The software company even bought 150 copies of Dr. North’s book, gave them out to conference attendees, and held a book signing with Dr. North.

MyEducator: A Home for Data Mining for the Masses

You may already have guessed why we’re spotlighting Dr. North: a version of Data Mining for the Masses is housed here on the MyEducator platform. Through MyEducator, users can have access to a resource written and curated by one of the very best authors, teachers, and researchers in the IS game today. In fact, the IACIS Computer Educator of the Year award is the highest award given in the industry!

Trust us, Dr. North really is the best of the best. He personally works with the MyEducator team to ensure that his online Data Mining for the Masses resource is up to date with the most accurate, relevant, and helpful information, regularly reviewing and revising the content to reflect the newest information in a frequently changing industry. The success of his students—whether they’re in the classroom with him or using his resources online—is always his number one priority. What a great example of excellence in his field. Congratulations, Dr. North!