This month, we want to highlight you! 

Providing excellent learning resources and service for instructors and students alike is what we’re all about at MyEducator.

Since our first smart textbook made its debut in 2012, over 988,000 students have signed up for a MyEducator resource and over 59,000 instructors have used MyEducator in their course.

MyEducator resources have been used in 44 states and in 10 countries around the world! 


From bright-eyed first-year college students taking their first Introduction to Business course to seasoned professionals looking to learn new skills in Cloud Computing to non-traditional students earning a degree while working full-time, we appreciate serving a diverse range of learners. 

We’ve also helped thousands of students prepare for an MBA or other graduate program by using our MBA Prep resources.

MyEducator courses provide the knowledge and skills students need to truly make a difference in their school, community, and workplace—starting businesses, solving supply chain problems, and analyzing and mining data become an everyday part of life. Our students are going places, whether they become human resource professionals, engineers, or CEOs!
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And we couldn’t forget about our incredible instructors! Many instructors who choose MyEducator are top-publishing academics and know good content when they see it, while others are just entering the university scene as instructors and appreciate a learning resource with built-in instructor materials.

Instructors stay busy and often wear many hats, such as professor, study abroad coordinator, department chair, research director, or entrepreneur.

Our instructors teach a wide range of subjects and find unique ways to engage students in and out of the classroom—like using real-life case studies in a supply chain class, having project management students apply their knowledge to a service project to give back to their community, or designing internship opportunities for students to use their newly developed skills to help a real company.
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Schools and Partner Organizations

We can’t say enough about the schools and other organizations we partner with to create and provide excellent learning resources. They bring top-notch instructional design elements and valuable insight into the student learning experience. Our partners are always looking out for student success.

Thank you to our students, instructors, and partner organizations for all that you bring to the MyEducator community!