Where do you go when you need to learn something fast? The internet of course! But how do you know that the information you find is high-quality and reliable? Anyone can record a YouTube video or write a blog post. There is also the chore of searching for just the right resource. So why not trust the experts? And if you want to increase your knowledge of accounting, you want the Stice brothers.

Jim and Kay Stice are brothers who love accounting so much that they have been teaching others about it for a combined 70 years! The brothers have taught accounting in the United States as well as all over the world, including China, South Africa, and Kazakhstan. The love for accounting in the Stice family extends to three of Kay’s children, who have each become accounting professors. Since 1990, Jim and Kay have partnered to write several textbooks, develop online learning resources with MyEducator, and create over 50 courses for LinkedIn Learning. Jim and Kay have dedicated a lot of time to sharing their collective accounting knowledge.

How can you access all of this accounting wisdom?

LinkedIn Learning

One place to start is LinkedIn Learning, where Jim and Kay have over 30 beginner-level accounting courses, including Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Cash Flow, Accounting Foundations, and Finance Foundations, as well as several other higher-level courses. After each course, you will be provided a certificate of completion that can be added to your LinkedIn profile and can even be used to gain credit at certain universities or programs, such as the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

But what if you are interested in more than one topic? What if you are looking to prepare for a new career, but you don’t have the time or money to get a degree? Some courses (including many from the Stice brothers) are part of what is called a learning path. Learning paths are a set of LinkedIn Learning courses that work together to prepare someone for a certain role, such as an accounts payable officer. When you finish the learning path, you will have earned a certificate that you can add to a resume and valuable skills to help you in your new role. If your new role includes accounting, the Stice brothers have plenty of courses to help you get started.


Jim and Kay (along with their co-author, Steve Albrecht) have also had MyEducator adapt several of their books for online learning resources that are now being used worldwide as online accounting courses. These books include Principles of Accounting and Financial Accounting. Instructors can even copy the course An Introduction to Financial Accounting (Using Canvas) straight to Canvas and start using it with their students immediately.

Anyone can use MyEducator’s unique and interactive online education resources, not just an instructor or student of an institution. The Stice brothers are eager to share their accounting knowledge with students and educators everywhere, so check them out at MyEducator or LinkedIn Learning today!