While MyEducator resources are all online, we love being able to meet in person and have a physical presence wherever we can! That’s why we attend multiple conferences throughout the year (check out where to find us next at the events section of our home page or contact us to request a visit). This weekend we’re at the 34th Annual Shingo Conference in Orlando, Florida. We connected with our conference representatives, Nick and Scotty, to tell us more about the Shingo conference and what it’s like.  

What is the Shingo conference and why is it important?

The Shingo Institute has long promoted a lean strategy for manufacturing and supply chain management and has recently broadened its reach and scope to include other areas and organization types.

The Shingo Conference is important because it brings together the Shingo Institute with companies who are striving to improve their processes. Companies that apply the Shingo Model, which emphasizes continuous improvement, can be awarded the very prestigious Shingo Prize at the conference. 

Where do we come in? MyEducator is Shingo’s official online partner for training material certification for Shingo’s associate-level employees. By attending this conference, we can promote our online courses and support our partnership with Shingo. We may even meet companies looking for solutions for delivering online training! 

This is one of the first conferences we’ve had since the pandemic. What differences do you notice?

This year is much more interactive than last, as it signifies a return to normal. Masks are no longer required, and neither is social distancing. The main difference we are seeing this year compared with 2019 is decreased attendance. But everyone who is here seems to be very grateful for the opportunity to meet in person! We all agree that the pandemic provided some unique challenges, opportunities, and learning experiences. 

What is MyEducator’s role in a conference like this?

We are affiliates and exhibitors. We have a booth where we can meet with individuals from various companies and also make use of opportunities to assist Shingo in having a successful conference. 

What is your favorite part of this conference?

We love the people! The Shingo team is an impressive group of academics and practitioners. We appreciate the opportunity to use our platform to promote their excellent message. MyEducator is happy to help the Shingo Institute in its mission to “improve the process of improvement by conducting cutting edge research, providing relevant education, performing insightful organizational assessments, and recognizing organizations committed to achieving sustainable world-class results.” 

So whether you meet us in tropical Orlando, Florida, or mountainous Orem, Utah, MyEducator is here to help you find the best online courseware solutions. We hope to see you soon! 


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