The Prometheus ApproachTM leverages scientific understanding of feedback cycles to increase the effectiveness of student learning. It accomplishes this by providing step-by-step demonstration (in both video and text); hands-on, meaningful practice; rapid, detailed feedback on performance; and a two-stage assessment strategy where student make an initial attempt at the assessment task, receive immediate, precise feedback and are allowed to make a second attempt while the experience of the first is still fresh in their minds. The overall assessment score calculated from scores on both attempts, which ensures that students are cognitively engaged throughout the process.

The Prometheus ApproachTM is powered by the ATLAS Feedback EngineTM, a patent-pending technology that delivers very detailed feedback to students in a matter of a few seconds. ATLAS (Automated Technology Learning Assessment System) requires no installation and works on both Windows and Apple operating systems.

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Nick Ball, Ph.D.
Brigham Young University

Gove Allen, Ph.D.
Brigham Young University

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